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Rifle 2

Intermediate - Advanced Course Click to learn More





About the Course

Now that you have gone over the rifle basics and how to properly manipulate a rifle we are hitting the ground running in Rifle 2 focuses more on tactical shooting and shooting from unconventional positions!

In this course we go into:

  • Safety

  • Turns and shooting

  • Alternate Prone Position

  • Changing body positions

  • Cover & Concealment

  • Shoulder Transitions

  • C- Clamp

  • L-Shape

  • Shooting around cover

Student requirements for class:

  • Closed toed shoes, pants, and weather appropriate clothing

  • Ballistic eyewear / Prescription glasses

  • Ear Protection (over ear preferred)

  • Your own Rifle

  • 200rds (Min)

  • Rifle Sling

  • Note taking material (optional)

  • Snacks and Drinks (optional)

Your Instructor

Jacob Zamora

Jacob Zamora

Jacob Zamora has spent 4 Years in the US Army as a Field Artillery Paratrooper. He has completed a Combat Tour in Afghanistan and left the military in 2019. Shortly after leaving the military Jacob began to get certified through the NRA as a Firearms Instructor. While at the same time began a career in Private Security. Specializing in Armored Vehicle Transport, Unarmed Security, Armed Security, and Executive Protection. Currently Jacob is now running as a Full Time Firearms Instructor here at Dropzone Tactical.


First Responders Carry Instructor (TX)

NRA Basic Pistol

NRA Basic Rifle


License To Carry Instructor (TX)

Combat Life Saver

CPR / First Aid / AED

Private Security 2, 3, & 4

Private Security Level III Instructor

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